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A Missional Church Post the Royal Commission

Over the course of 2024, Synod Engagement Team members have been engaged in consultations with various community members for all the Plenary Council focus areas (Decrees). Paul Jensen reflects on his experience facilitating conversations around safeguarding.   “For the upcoming Synod, I’ve had the privilege of facilitating 6 consultations with a variety of stakeholders on…

DAisy Hill Forest

An Experience of Inspiration

A reflection on the consultation process from Synod Engagement Team member Elizabeth Fort.   One of the things about listening to people and sharing conversation with them is that you are able to experience the passion and thoughtfulness that they bring to their responses. It has been invigorating to hear of the work that has…

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Archdiocese of Brisbane’s Diocesan Summary for the world Synod of Bishops

It just so happens that our Brisbane synod (SYNOD24: I Am Making All Things New) is taking place at the same time as the global Synod of Bishops in Rome (Synod on Synodality). So, between February and May, the Archdiocese of Brisbane has been engaging in consultations around the Australian Plenary Council Decrees and the…

Spiritual Conversations with Youth

SYNOD24: What is it?

The Archdiocese of Brisbane will be holding SYNOD24: I Am Making All Things New in September and October of this year. But what is it and what are the focus areas?   SYNOD24: I Am Making All Things New is a gathering of 150 people who represent the broad diversity of the Brisbane Archdiocese and…

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Language Is No Barrier When It Comes To Faith

“Synodality is one of these things where if we actually want to hear one another we have to go to one another’s places and sit down and listen” challenges Synod24 Chair Bishop Tim Norton SVD. As part of the SYNOD24 Consultations, Synod Engagement Team members Liliana Ortiz and Mary To organised for Cultural Chaplains from…

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