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Plenary Council Resources

Plenary Council Resources

Focus Areas (Decrees)

Reconciliation: Healing Wounds Receiving Gifts

  • Embedding liturgically and culturally appropriate symbols and rituals in Catholic liturgy and prayer.
  • Retreats and formation experiences at that are culturally appropriate.
  • Authentic representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander on committees, boards and decision-making bodies.

Choosing Repentance: Seeking Healing

  • How best to continue responding with transparency, justice, and compassion to the victims and survivors of abuse, their families, and communities.
  • Safeguarding of children and adults at risk.
  • Proactive approaches to formation, policies and procedures.

Called by Christ Sent Forth as Missionary Disciples

  • Catechesis, faith formation, leadership and religious pedagogy in Catholic schools.
  • Building better relationships between parish and schools.
  • Authentic engagement with the marginalised including: Those seeking refugees, those seeking asylum, those who are divorced, single parent families, those impacted by domestic violence, those in prison and engaged in prison chaplaincy, those engaged in hospital chaplaincy, those with disabilities, those in aged care, those who identify as LGBTQI+, those who are homeless and support the homeless, those impacted by mental health conditions.
  • Ecumenical and interfaith relationships.

Witnessing to the Equal Dignity of Women and Men

  • Representation of women on decision-making tables at all levels of church agencies and organisations.
  • New opportunities for, and formation to support, women's participation in ministries such as lector, acolyte and catechist.

Communion in Grace Sacrament to the World

  • Formation for ministries such as Lector, Acolyte and Catechist.
  • Lay preaching in the Latin Church.
  • Catechesis around the Sacrament of Penance and exploration of the Third Rite of Penance.
  • Sacramentality.
  • Sacramental program and Children's and Family ministry.

Formation and Leadership for Mission and Ministry

  • Exploration of intergenerational, cultural and ethnic diversity in formation and leadership.
  • Development of resources around formation and leadership for laity and Clergy.
  • Exploration of Catholic Social Teaching and how it can inform and inspire a more co-responsible church on mission.

At the Service of Communion, Participation and Mission: Governance

  • How to embed synodality in all levels of leadership including Parish Councils, church agencies and organisations and strategic planning.
  • Exploration of leadership structures.
  • Diverse representation in leadership roles and at decision-making tables at all levels of church organisations, agencies and parishes.
  • Re-examining of 'The Light from the Southern Cross'.

Integral Ecology and Conversion for the Sake of our Common Home

  • Laudato Si' action plans
  • Ecological wisdom shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Deeper understanding of Laudato Si.
  • Formation on integral ecology.
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